order on the go!


ordering on the go!

BloemFood is a next-generation meal ordering platform that utilizes the latest web, mobile and social networking technologies to expand restaurant's online ordering capabilities and customer reach.

The entire platform is self-administered giving restaurant clients control of their account from their customized BloemFood dashboard. Any menu updates are reflected on the end-user ordering tools in real-time. By making use of the Company's brand of efficient, user-friendly, order-in technologies, clients benefit from significantly reduced customer wait times and increased employee productivity.

Get setup

It's simple. Send us your menu and we'll take over from there. We'll create your mobile apps. Then, we'll walk you through it all, get your feedback, and get things just right.

Tell your customers.

Congratulations, welcome to the "new order!" Why not tell the world? Update your Facebook and Twitter followers, place a message on your menu, drop a flyer into your takeout bags, place a link on your web site, promote it in your stores. We're happy to help with this.

Start receiving orders

It's not the telephone, it's better! It's your PC. Click the screen and see the order. Process the order as you normally do (key it into your POS, enter it into your cash register, write out a ticket, etc.). — just like a phone order!


Group ordering

Large orders are now a breeze. Your customers can easily place an order with their friends and co-workers. They add items to their order, despite being in different locations. One person can pay for the group, or, each person can pay their way.

Instant reordering

Encourage repeat business by making it really, really easy to re-order. It's so convenient for your customers that are in a rush. Brittany: "Hey, will you pick up dinner from Hudson's Cafe?" Eric: "Sure!" (clicks re-order on the order from last week).

Manage it all with ease

Sit back and watch the online orders pour in. See which products are selling and which aren't. Change your menu on-the-fly. Promote certain items and run last-minute deals.

Beautiful, Clean and Simple

The easiest way to order food on the go. Click on the app, add some items to the order, and you're done.

Crisp Dashboard

Watch orders as they pour-in, live. See who's ordering and from where. See a breakdown by store location, and much more.

Next Steps

Let's get started!

Getting started with BloemFood is easy, affordable and fun! Simply contact us to begin the set-up process, and you’ll be on your way to customizing your Android and iPhone hotel app in no time.

Contact us at +30 235.130.2832, by email or fill out the form to get started!

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